The professional services offered by Royce Power Engineering has been developed through 25 years of practical expertise on the power generation field. Our focus is to provide top quality standards on the equipment provided as well as on the engineering design, delivery and construction of complete power plants system solutions, with particular attention on the cost control.

Most of our services for second hand engines are done in our own facilities in Dongguan (China) which include 1000 sqmt of equipped warehouse and specialized technician with over 15 years of experience on engines and Diesel power plant’s equipment. Royce Power welcome any customer to visit our facilities in China and Hong Kong.

Our main services include:

Equipment Basic Services

Royce Power basic services includes all the main activities related to the sourcing, selection, control and delivery of specific equipment required by the customer.

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Generator Sets Sales & Rent Service

We can supply customers with the most convenient solution according with the power requirements, type of use, target price and environmental conditions in the country of installation. For the short term use or for customers that does not want to be involved directly on the immediate purchasing of the power plant, we provide for Generators Sets and Power Plants rental service from a minimum power of 1 MW up to over 50 MW.

“See More details on our engines”

In case of used generator sets and auxiliary equipment, we are completely independent on the sourcing, testing, dismantling, and overhauling of the engines, which are done by our engineering and technical team in our facilities in Dongguan City (China). For more specific informations on our overhauling works kindly “See second hand equipment overhauling services”.

Used Equipment Overhauling

Royce Power used equipment services are specifically related to used engines and parts which require complete re-conditioning.

Auxiliary parts Design – Sourcing-Manufacturing Management

We independently design and source for suppliers of parts in China, including Boilers, Radiators and Cooling Towers, all strictly manufactured according with the customer requirements, project conditions and local safety regulations in the country of installation. Whenever is possible and convenient, we are very flexible to de-locate the production of the parts in the country of installation with direct supervision of our Quality Management team. For more specific informations on our Auxiliaries kindly “See more details on auxiliary parts”.

Royce Power EPC services cover the whole supply chain from the Design & Engineering to the supply of a complete HFO/Diesel Power Plant.

Packaging and Transportation

Make sure the goods are delivered on time and without any damage is one of our main priorities. The heavy weight and the large amount of parts of a power plants, make the disassembly, packaging and transportation one of the most difficult and important things to assure the successful completion of the project: in Royce Power Engineering we organize the transportation of engines and related equipment with special trailers to the nearest port of the delivery and lifting of the equipment to the ship’s deck. Previous transportation all the goods are disassembled to fits on containers or packaged in boxes with special humidity absorbing material: whenever required we build up customized metal racking supports and special solutions for the shipment of the materials.

After been involved for more than 2 decades on the installation of HFO power plants in China, Royce Power Engineering Ltd can now provide customers a wide range of second hand engines and equipment with limited number of operational hours.

The second hand equipment can be supplied at the original conditions found in the location of installation or can be refurbished and overhauled before the delivery, allowing the customer to have a product with quality level close to the new one but at reduced cost.


Part of our main services for second hand equipment include:

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1. Engine overhauling consisting on the complete disassembly and replacement of all the parts damaged or out of manufacture acceptable tolerance. Through the overhauling process, the engine is completely re-build by our specialized engineering team from the crankshaft case up to the cylinders and injection systems, giving substantial improvement on the performance and long term reliability of the engine, providing huge reduction on the up-front investment of the power plant.

2. Auxiliary equipment complete overhauling including the replacement of all bearings on the pumps and separators as well as opening, checking and chemical cleaning of air-water-oil coolers and any other related auxiliary and electrical part in our own workshop in Dongguan and Hong Kong.

3. Quality control service for second hand equipment sourced in China: all the quality control process is made according with specifications of the customers as well as with the standards and tolerances suggested by the original equipment manufacturer. Every single part exported from China is double checked by our engineers and technicians through the use of specific measuring equipment suggested by the original manufacturer.

After the completion of over 20 projects, 7 of which as turn-key solution provider, Royce Power can be recognized today as a valid EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) partner covering the whole supply chain, from the initial design to the final installation and testing of Diesel/HFO Power plant for any kind of application is this only limited to the power generation or in a more advanced phase to the co-generation.

Our EPC services include:

1. Power plant Design & Engineering works according with the conditions and regulations in the country of installation, customer power requirements and target costs including the complete mechanical and electrical layout of each part of the power plant.

2. Equipment sourcing from recognized OEM or from original manufacturing companies in Europe, US and Asia. Manufacturing of special and custom made parts in China or in the country of installation, according with quality standards required by the customer and local government regulations. Second hand equipment dismantling, refurbishing, quality control and overhauling (under customer request) “See second hand equipment overhauling services” “See Engines and Generator sets”

3. Equipment Packaging according with specific requirement of the customer and organization of the transportation to the nearest port of delivery.

4. Equipment installation (including complete mechanical & electrical works of the generator sets). Construction of all primary and secondary buildings including power house, workshop, pump house and Oil Yards together with pipings, electrical connections to the grid substation.