Due to the strict requirements of governments and communities around the world,
Royce Power Ltd continuously develop and supply systems that maximize the efficiency
and functionality of its power plants through the Cogeneration of electrical and
thermal energy.

With the correct Design & Engineering, modern Diesel/HFO engines can reach high
performance and efficiency of over 90%. This is done by simply reducing at minimum
level all the mechanical loss inside the engines as well as by using the heat produced by
the combustion chambers to generate high temperature steam which in turn can be used to
power additional steam turbines or for other secondary application, like heat buildings or
cooling purposes through chillers and heat pumps.

Thanks to the long practical experience on the field, Royce Power Engineering can provide
a wide range of Cogeneration solutions for the optimization of the power plant output,
faster investment return and lower operational costs.


Due to the stricter emission regulations worldwide and the increasing needs for a reliable
and ecological way to reduce the operational costs of Diesel power plants, we strongly
promote pure or co-generation solutions that combine:

1. Solar Power

Solar Power is the conversion of absorbed sunlight into electricity, which can be used in places which are remote and grid power is unavailable.

It is most efficiently applied in places where there much sunlight for long periods of the day throughout the whole year.

2. Bio Mass Power

Bio Mass Power is using biological materials such as plants, grasses, mainly agricultural waste (stalks, husks) as fuel for burning and converting the heat into electricity by use of a turbine.

Places where unused agricultural waste is burnt can instead exploit the excess for burning.

3. Wind Power

Wind Power is using the wind to propel a giant windmill to produce electricty.

It is most often installed in places with constant wind but cannot be exposed to violent storms like cyclones, hurricanes etc.

Renewable energy systems combined with our Diesel/HFO or Gas/LPG Power Plants, allow to deeply reduce the Fuel Consumption making the the power plants to be reliable source of energy also for long term power supply.

Royce Power is establishing cooperation with key producers of Solar Power Equipment and Bio Mass Equipment with the ultimate goal to provide Green Turnkey solutions which combine the versatility of the engines with the long term ecological reliability of Solar, Wind and Bio Mass Equipment.

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