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We provide new and second hand HFO generator sets from the most recognized brands on the power generation market.

With the full support of CSSC Marine Power Co., Limited, we can provide competitive prices for licensed MAN

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New and second hand auxiliary equipment for engine cooling as well as for the cleaning – separation and heating of HFO fuel Oil.

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Original spare parts and accurately chosen aftermarket spare parts available on stock with short delivery.

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Royce Power Engineering provide customers with complete turnkey power solutions through the supply itself of every single component.


Royce Power Engineering is working in close collaboration with CSSC Marine Power a MAN licensed manufacturer and continuously maintain strong relationships with well known equipment manufacturers around the world.

Over the possibility to supply new original engines from different recognized brands, we can provide also for engines produced in China by Licensed manufacturing companies, which products and manufacturing procedures has been widely tested and certified.

According with the location, load condition and fuel consumption, we can select the most convenient engine, starting from small Japanese and Korean in line engines with power up to 1.5 MW or opt for bigger L and V style MAN engines with power up to 5 MW: whatever are the power requirements of the user, we always try to find the most efficient and economical solution.

In collaboration with CSSC Marine Power we can also provide containerised power equipment which is suitable for smaller engine size up to 2 MW.


Due to the import and installation our self of different HFO power plant in China between 1990 and 2000, we can now provide for second hand engines with competitive price and limited hours of work. All engines are deeply checked before shipment and if required overhauled and reconditioned in our own facilities in Dongguan City (China).

We have direct practical experience with engines and equipment of the following brands:

  • MAN B&W
  • Wärtsilä


Royce Power Engineering has accumulated lots of expertise in years providing new and second hand auxiliary equipment. As one of the most important parts of the power plant for the heavy fuel oil preparation, we provide only equipment’s brands which had been widely tested by ourself on the field including the Swedish Alfa Laval and German Westfalia.

According with customer requirements, we can also provide for new components manufactured in China such as cooling towers, boilers and radiators. This products allow a consistent reduction of the power plant’s costs maintaining quality standards and performance comparable with the original one.

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Customers looking for more economical solutions can opt for original second hand equipment which can be completely overhauled and reconditioned by our own specialized engineers and technicians in HK and Dongguan City (China). No matter what are the conditions of the equipment, our overhauling process cover every single part of the product, making sure that everything deliver to the customer is reliable and can operate safely.


Royce Power provide for a wide range of original and after market spare parts/consumables for any type of engine and auxiliary equipment: all our suppliers parts has been widely tested on the field, making sure the quality and reliability on the long term.

Main Engine Spare Parts:

  • Cylinder Liners
  • Cylinder Covers
  • Piston Crowns
  • Piston Rings
  • Piston Skirts
  • Water guide jacket
  • Stuffing box rings
  • Telescopic pipes
  • Exhaust valve spindles
  • Valve seats
  • Bearing shells
  • Fuel injection equipment
  • Resistance bulbs

*Any other part available under request

Auxiliary Equipment Spare Parts:

  • Water and Fuel pumps
  • Gaskets
  • Water and Fuel Pipes
  • O-Rings
  • Radiators parts
  • Electrical material
  • Control panels
  • Separator’s shafts bearings
  • Any other related part

As complete EPC provider (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), Royce Power Engineering is a good partner to deliver complete power plants solutions for pure power generation as well as for cogeneration purposes according with the specific customer’s requirements. Royce Power follow the complete sourcing, QC and delivery of every single part of the power plant including:

  1. Engines
  2. Auxiliary mechanical and electrical parts (including Boilers and Radiators)
  3. Assembly Material (pipings, insulations, structures and installation material)
  4. Construction material for power house, work shop and pump house.
  5. Construction material for Oil Yard & Substation.
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Containerised Gensets

Royce Power in collaboration with CSSC Marine Power can provide containerised genset solutions. All the equipment such as genset, control room, purifiers, other auxiliary equipment are built inside a container. The advantage of containerised gensets is the short time for installation to provide power and saves the client the need to build a power house building.

The containerised equipment is transported to the location and installed by connecting pipes, cables and exhaust gas boiler.


Diesel Gensets

For temporary or long-term power solutions, Royce Power is also specialised in assembly and supply of diesel powered generating sets. We have a factory and Service Centre workshop in China where we assemble and generating sets for sales and rental.

We offer series of low cost, high technology, highly efficient and reliable products and services to our clients in Hong Kong, mainland China, and South-East Asia.

We mainly assemble CUMMINS and PERKINS with Stamford alternator, but can also other well known brands. We assemble according to the client’s power requirements and supply tailor-made Control Panels, Synchronised Panels. These gensets can be protected from the weather and soundproofed with our own design and built canopy.

Our range is 30kVA – 1250kVA for CUMMINS Engines and 42kVA – 123kVA for PERKINS engines.