Royce Power Engineering Limited is an Hong Kong company with subsidiary located in Dongguan City (China) active since 1993 on the design and installation of Diesel/HFO power plants in Asia, Middle East and Africa. The company business include a wide range of services and products studied to provide customers with the most convenient and reliable source of energy. Some of our main activities include:

  • Design & Engineering, Procurement and Installation of Power Plants Turnkey Solutions – Complete EPC service.
  • Sales of new and second hand Diesel/HFO/Gas generator sets and related auxiliary equipment .
  • Rent of container size engines and open engines power solutions.
  • Equipment’s sourcing in China and in-house overhauling/reconditioning of second hand parts.

Royce Power Engineering Limited is an engineering company specialized in EPC projects and focused on providing most efficient power solutions for the client.

In a world where we are harming the environment for development and industry, we aim to encompass this by promoting power solutions not only based on the client’s requirement but also to lessen the destructive impact on the environment by lowering emissions as much as possible.

Today, we are in the age where technology exists to produce more environmentally friendly electricity and as technologies mature, Royce Power stands behind and promotes the concept of Cogeneration & Renewable energies whereby during the production of power, heat is produced (which is otherwise just heat without purpose) is utilised for generating more power or heating purposes.

In a HFO Power plant, the exhaust gas is captured in an exhaust gas boiler to produce steam which is used to keep HFO at optimum viscosity, while any excess steam can be used to propel a steam turbine to produce more power, adding to the efficiency of the power plant.

Alternatively, we promote Solar + HFO Power plants whereby solar power is used in the daytime and HFO is used at night and as a reliable backup. In the long run, Solar + HFO has large cost saving as solar energy is provided by the sunrays. This type of Power plant will have less environmental impact and lower emissions in comparison with standalone HFO power plant.

Many combinations are possible, including applying Solar, Wind, and BioMass (the incineration of agricultural waste) and we strive to be a contributor and builder power plants which are more efficient and friendlier to environment we live in.

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From 1993 to 2000, Royce Power has been focused on the design, import and installation of HFO power plants in China, using original European engines and equipment, to support the rapid grow and energy demand of the country.

Today, Royce Power Engineering Limited specialises in providing power solution packages tailor made and suitable for overseas customers needs in the most economical way and can offer Export Credit arrangements for Turnkey Projects, EPC Projects, IPP Projects, BOO, BOT, and Equity Investment.

Our full power solution packages can be for new and used equipment and include the procurement of main genset, auxiliary and equipment, design & engineering, installation, testing & commissioning, training & operation. Depending on the customers requirement we can also provide semi power solution such as supplying the main genset auxiliary and equipment only.

In addition to the traditional power solutions, we are continuously working to achieve higher efficiency and more economical solutions for our customers, through the use of GAS Power Plants, Cogeneration and Hybrid Systems.